Greenies on 3, Greenies on 3; 1, 2, 3, GREENIES!


Rehearsal Videos

Hey Greenie Fans and Family,

After my roommate told be about, a live streaming and broadcasting site, we checked it out to see if I could broadcast some Greenie Improvs, warm-ups, and run-throughs on the site. However, now makes new users pay for their services so I will be recording videos or audio tracks via my HandyDandy cellular telephone, and will upload them on this post as we progress throughout the semester.

As for tonight’s rehearsal, I’ll see if I can give you guys a sneak peak at our new Talent Show Dance Mix coming up and if we can fit in some warm-up times and hugs and kisses and cuddles in there as well. Love you all and I’ll have the videos up soon!

Happy ❤ Day once more!