Greenies on 3, Greenies on 3; 1, 2, 3, GREENIES!


I’m stealing the title of this post from Patrick Fromuth, but this school year for Greenies could not have ended better in any other way. As we stood out in the middle of the Big House for Spring Commencement this morning (obviously in the late-April Michigan spring weather of 50 degrees), I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly proud of the seven graduating Greenie seniors, for all their hard work and love for the group!

Per tradition, we send off the semester with senior letters and Warm Fuzzies from every member of the group. This year, I would like to dedicate this post our seniors in the style of warm Fuzzies:

Aditi Hardikar: Having you as Director this year and knowing that you were always available and awesome made this year possible for me. You have been such a wonderful Director for this group this past year, and I will truly miss your hard work, dedication, and love you put into Greenies the past three years I’ve been with you in the group. Thank you so much again for taking this group to new heights and directions, and I hope that I will be able to carry on all the wonderful opportunities you have provided for us :).

Elliott Polakoff: EP – I actually wish that I could go on one last Glee Club tour with you, just because our bus rides and rooming together made up those trips in their entirety for me. You are sincerely a great person, with a great big heart and very funny stories, keeping my spirits and mood up no matter what. I am so excited for our last pow-wow in NYC together, and I hope that you have a blast in Cuba afterwards! Please make it back to the US…Without getting too  sentimental with this post, I wish you the best of luck with your post-graduation plans and am truly blessed to have spent the best times in college by your side. I don’t know how this will sound in text, but “We ride for Life”. 😛

Hester Lee: Noona, I am so proud of and happy for you and all you have done this year! Seeing you at commencement this morning in your kickass heels, which probably made you taller than me, I knew that you were graduating and leaving and never coming back again…Just kidding, I am super excited that you will be around again next year :). Anyway, thank you for being there for me in so many ways – cooking with me, going on foodventures, discovering the island of Mackinaw, making fun of people in Korean, and etc. I hope to create even more memories with you in the coming year, and remember to think of a recipe to christen our new house’s kitchen!

Julie Mhlaba: Hoolie Hlaba 🙂 It only feels like yesterday when Aditi made up that super-original-but-personally-my-favorite-nickname for you in the Arb. These past three years with Greenies and you have flown by in a blink, and I am slightly freaking out about the fact that your uncanny ability to make me laugh in so many ways won’t be available next year. I know you have an iPhone 4, so we’ll just have to FaceTime each other so I can laugh at your jokes :). I am so happy for you and am super proud of you and please remember to to break out the robot during our New York trip. I will do my best to keep up with your insane dancing, but please don’t laugh at me when I just break out into the Bernie dance in my ineptitude.

Melanie Wicander: Mel Bel. Swell Mel. Mel…Gel. I’m pretty sure that some of my Greenie highlights from this past year come from our dinners together and the simple talks about life and Greenies we shared :). Your ability to speak out and just provide so many different perspectives for me has been one of the greatest things for me this semester. Whether it was trying something new or understanding more about the group and its people, I believe that you have provided that insight for me like no other. Thank you for being such a great friend and mentor – here’s a great big hug face for your: <<(^_^)>>!

Patrick Fromuth: Patricia!!! As I look back on the three wonderful Greenie years I have spent with you, I actually cannot remember what I was upset about with you my Freshman year. I think I was a closet diva and was just intimidated by your awesome divaness…Moving on, :P, all I know is that this past year of getting closer with you and getting to spend more time with you has been such a blessing to me. You are seriously such a genuine person and have an amazing heart filled with love, and obviously, rainbow unicorns just for me. Thank you so much for being able to cheer me up in times of need and if you are back during the summer, lets rent African Cats and have the night of our lives!

Samoane Williams: First off, please please, lets go to The Fleetwood tonight – it is by far one of my favorite places to go to in Ann Arbor. I want to congratulate you on a successful year of wonderful party nights and seriously making some of my Greenie nights so enjoyable and memorable – or slightly memorable that is. I am so proud of you for getting into State’s Law School and I know you will kick serious ass as a lawyer! Please never stop singing and being awesome, and I hope that, if you are around in the summer, we will be able to hang out more and go on late night adventures together. That last part wasn’t necessarily supposed to have any other connotation…I just like late night adventures to random ass places or 24-hour food joints 🙂

To all the seniors, I will miss you, will sing my heart out for you, and will always love you ❤



Paul Jinwoo and The Lees


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  1. Connie

    *sigh* ❤ you guys~

    May 10, 2011 at 12:54 PM

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