Greenies on 3, Greenies on 3; 1, 2, 3, GREENIES!


Last Friday, April 1, 2011, our Seven Lovely Seniors finished their last 58 Greene concerts. It was a highly emotional and exciting time, and the number of fans, family, and alumni that showed up to the concert was unbelievably amazing. The concert itself was great and filled a lot of energy, and the excitement of the audience helped bring out some of our Greenies from their shells and well…we kicked ass on stage :).

As we sang out alumni song, “Book of Days” by Enya, I noticed the 10 or so alumni that were able to walk onto stage with us, whether they just graduated or had to leave the group last year, or over a decade ago. However, one of our alumnus, Eric Galvez, was unable to walk on stage with us, even though he was watching the concert from the seats of Rackham. Eric Galvez was a former Greenie back in 1995 – 1997, and he is a brain tumor survivor. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet with Eric after the concert and due to his post-operational condition, he was in a wheel chair and was unable to walk on stage to sing with us. Thus, our group got together to sing with Eric and to honor him and his work in creating a non-profit organization that helps young adults battle cancer and tumors and deal with their diagnoses and therapies.

The current members of 58 Greene were able to sing “Book of Days” with one of their oldest alumnus at his book signing in the Michigan Union today. For me, it was touching and humbling experience, and I hope for all the Greenie family, friends, groupies, members, alumni, and more, that Eric’s attitude and story of fighting back in times of trouble is only possible with the help of close friends and family and the overall support they provide for those in need. Please take a few minutes to check out Eric’s foundation on Facebook and his website:



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